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Ulm/Hanover, 23.01.2014 - Uzin Utz AG exhibits innovative force

Domotex 2014 Trade Fair Presence

Uzin Utz AG presents a broad range of new products and equipment for the installation, maintenance and processing of floor covering at the Domotex 2014 trade fair in Hanover in hall 7, booth A22. As the result of many years of research and development with the switchTec adhesive technology, Uzin presents Sigan Elements und Sigan Elements Plus. For the first time, luxury floor covering can be installed quickly, perfectly dimen-sionally stable and without later residues on different substrates. Pallmann introduces the first completely solvent-free varnish sys-tem for wood flooring subject to heavy wear, Pall-X Zero, and RZ, a deep matt varnish from the Turbo Protect series. Wolff presents the new special tool, Railcut, as well as the new Robo-Stripper.

Uzin Utz AG directs the focus of its trade fair presentation 2014 to user-friendly and customer-specific solutions all around the floor, and with the brands Uzin, Wolff, Pallmann and RZ the company demonstrates their know-how in installation technology. Application tips and demos for the flooring installation trade round off the trade fair offering.

Rapid flooring replacement with Uzin switchTec adhesive technology
Sigan Elements and Sigan Elements Plus provide a completely new method for the time-saving and dimensionally stable installation of luxury floor covering and removal without residues – and this with different sub-strates from floor covering to metal. To this end, Uzin has developed the application scope of the patented switchTec bonding technology further and focused specifically on the requirements for PVC luxury floor covering. The pair thus combines the proven advantages of the time-saving re-placement of floor coverings without unproductive downtimes with the di-verse application options of trendy luxury floor covering with perfect looks. As the first and only system worldwide, Sigan Elements enables the se-cure, permanent and dimensionally stable bonding of PVC luxury floor covering and PVC tiles on existing flooring. Sigan Elements Plus makes this possible on levelling compound, chipboard and metal. The covering can be removed again without residues at any time.

New Stripper and new Railcut special tool from Wolff
Wolff engineers and produces high-quality machines and tools for the flooring trade. The company demonstrates its role as market leader in the area of floor covering removal with the new Robo-Stripper, a particularly powerful machine for the detachment of floor covering. The steerable strip-per offers a wide application range through the optional use of 450 mm wide blades together with the newly designed twin wheels. The impact system of the Robo-Stripper was adapted to 3000 impacts making it extremely powerful even in problem areas and tight spaces and is easy to operate. With the new Rail-cut, Wolff has introduced a special tool allowing to make perfect double seam cuts with soft and resilient floor covering as well as textile nonwoven coverings. The seam cut is made with a guide rail at the optimal angle of 90 degree to the plane of the floor covering. This reduces the risk of sliding significantly. In addition, the new Railcut is suitable as strip cutter.

Apart from the new development of products, Wolff supports the crafts-man with services and tools for business. The new Wolff competence panel offers all necessary tools within reach in one place for concentrated tool power. The application options of tools and machines will be demon-strated at a large demo area.

Solvent-free Pallmann varnish system for wood flooring
Optimal indoor climate and air quality are particularly important to people with ecological awareness. Pallmann now has the right solution immedi-ately available for this target group with the new water-based solvent-free 2-component wood flooring varnish Pall-X Zero. Pall-X Zero is the only var-nish system so far for wood flooring subject to heavy and extra heavy traf-fic and that completely without solvents. Thus, the manufacturer from Würzburg once more underlines its innovative strength in regard to ecol-ogy and indoor climate quality. The two-component wood flooring varnish is easy to process and possesses excellent filling properties as well as outstanding resistance against mechanical and chemical stresses. To-gether with the solvent-free joint grout solution Pall-X Zero Filler and the solvent-free primer Pall-X Zero Base, Pall-X Zero so far is the only varnish system for wood flooring completely without solvents.

The Wood Flooring Professional marketing initiative, launched by Pall-mann over two years ago specifically for wood flooring installation special-ist firms, is a steady component of the exhibit. 340 enthusiastic partici-pants meanwhile take advantage of the promotional aids and useful tools as well as the professional support for a successful corporate appear-ance.

Long-term protection for the floor with RZ
With the new RZ Turbo Protect Plus, RZ, the specialist for cleaning and care systems for the maintenance of all types of floor covering introduces another 2-component varnish lacquer for extreme long-term protection of resilient floor covering with a new gloss level. RZ Turbo Protect Plus deep matt forms a highly wear-resistant and elastic film and protects vinyl, PVC luxury floor covering, but also CV, linoleum or rubber flooring with smooth and slightly textured surface, against heavy duty traffic. It is water-based and odourless and convinces by its R10 slip resistance according to DIN 51130. RZ has involved leading floor covering manufacturers in the test phase of the product.
RZ introduces the RZ Turbo Active Basic Cleaner for appropriate subfloor preparation; this is a highly active special cleaner for the removal of multi-layer and old care agents coats that cannot be removed with common ba-sic cleaners.



All about Uzin Utz AG

Uzin Utz AG, Ulm, has a workforce of over 900 people and with a corporate group turnover of 207 million Euro (2012) is a leader in developing and manufacturing special products and machinery for floor installation. Both the construction chemical product systems we offer for installing floor coverings of all types, right through to surface finishing, and our floor-processing machines are developed and manufactured by the group companies themselves and sold under the internationally successful brands of Uzin, Wolff, Pallmann, Arturo, codex and RZ, along with the consulting brand UFloor Systems. For 100 years now, Uzin Utz has devoted itself to the task of providing professional support for both end customers and installers in all areas of floor laying as a system partner for the trade sector, planers, architects and builders.


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