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Ulm, 10.11.2014 - BAU 2015 – Uzin Utz AG units all floor trade jobs

Uzin, Wolff, Pallmann, Arturo, Codex and RZ demon-strate their know-how.

Uzin Utz AG, worldwide acting full-range provider of flooring systems is present at the BAU 2015 trade fair from 19 to 24 January with the brands Uzin, Wolff, Pallmann, Arturo, Codex and RZ showcasing a comprehensive range of product as well as machines for the installation and design of all types of floor covering up to surface finishing. The brands will demonstrate their know-how for the professional support of the flooring installation trade as well as planners and architects at booths 502 and 503.

Better together – Uzin Utz AG shows this evidence at the 21st BAU. On the one hand, the different brands exhibit new solutions, optimally matched and therefore saving time and costs, for the renovation main-tenance or new installation of floor covering of all types. On the other hand, the professional networks of the brands Uzin (BOD), codex (network of the best tile fitters) and Pallmann (parquet specialist) present their solution-focused offerings.

Uzin – wood flooring at its finest
Uzin presents itself as the ideal partner for professional wood flooring installation. Apart from the comprehensive services for the trade, six new wood flooring products, four adhesives and two primers are at the focus – amongst others, the new UZIN MK 85 Turbo. The dispersion-based adhesive with rapid setting properties offers excellent bonding and thus reliable wood flooring installation even on dense, non-absorbent substrates. Thanks to its innovative raw material composition and low water content, coupled with a very rapid tack, installed surfaces can support loads as well as allow sanding and varnishing already after 24 hours. The hard wood flooring adhesive with excellent ridge forma-tion is predominantly used for the installation of mosaic wood flooring (8 mm solid), edgelaid strips (16 to 22 mm) and 2-ply prefinished wood flooring (max. 70 x 500 mm). UZIN MK 85 Turbo has very low-emission properties and has been awarded the EMICODE EC 1 PLUS.

In addition, the range of products and application scope of the patented switchTec adhesive technology will be presented at the trade fair. Most floor coverings can be replaced in record time without noise and dirt and, if needed, removed again without residues with the comprehensive switchTec product line.

Floor grinding machine NEO 400 from Wolff
With the floor grinding machine NEO 400, Wolff, the strong machine and tool brand for special tools "Made in Germany", presents an optimised version of the predecessor version Omega. Especially the technical details of the NEO 400 were finetuned. It features a more powerful motor with an output of 4 kW, the working width was expanded from 290 mm to 400 mm, and additional weights can be mounted with only a few steps. This guarantees efficient work progress even on larger surfaces. What's more, twelve instead of formerly six diamond segments can be fastened. This provides improved removal power as well as greater flexibility for the use of the grinding tools. The new design, which was especially improved in regard to ergonomic aspects, allows the user to reach the operating controls more easily. In addition, with a basic weight of approx. 50 kg, the NEO 400 weighs about 15 kg less then its predecessor.
Pallmann – perfect wood flooring at turbo-speed
Whether fast, solvent-free, resistant, economic or natural – the wood flooring specialist Pallmann presents five ways to perfect wood flooring at the BAU 2015. The Pallmann Turbo System will be the special centre of attention. Speed is often critical when installing and varnishing par-quet surfaces. The Turbo System offers correlated products permitting quick wood flooring construction. The solvent-free 2-component wood flooring adhesive Pallmann P9 features shearing strength according to DIN EN 14293. The water-based 1-component wood flooring primer Pall-X 325 is easy to work, possesses excellent filling properties and is well suited for ground wood flooring and wooden floors. The water-based 1-component wood flooring varnish Pall-X 96 completes the rapid construction. Pall-X 96 has been happily used for almost 20 years by wood flooring installers in all areas of application with its extremely fast drying and high wear resistance. The water-based 1-component wood flooring varnish is suitable for wood flooring exposed to heavy traffic in residential and commercial areas, e.g. in schools, offices and business showrooms. It can be easily processed and features good resistance against high mechanical and chemical stress. The Turbo System is the ideal means for contractors and also the end user since it keeps down-times at a minimum and can be ideally used when time pressure is involved.

Arturo – synthetic resin floors with design diversity
Arturo specialises in synthetic resin floors for different functional and design requirements in industrial, commercial and private applications. The product offering ranges from free-flow coating in various versions to coloured or neutral varnishes and on to stone carpets, mortar floors and scattered materials. Epoxy or polyurethane-based flow coating and varnishing allows for the perfect coating of floors according to the requirements: whether coloured, transparent, with mat, silky lustre or shiny looks, for heavy-duty or light traffic, resistant to chemicals, conducting or slip-resistant.

The Arturo product solutions for industry as well as luxury flooring will be the focal point at the BAU 2015. The new thin-layer varnish Arturo EP3020, allowing water vapour diffusion, the coloured varnish Arturo PU3320 and the transparent varnish Arturo PU7320 will be showcased. The different types of varnish (according to the different requirements) protect the floor surface and, at the same time, can be used as design element. The new universal use EP primer EP6900 is marked by excellent intermediate adhesion to mineralbased substrates and has been tested against the impact of moisture from the rear. Thanks to its defoaming properties is can be excellently processed and cures quickly.

All products from Arturo are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards 9001 and 14001; all PU products meet the VOC and AgBB guidelines, are solventfree and regularly tested for slip-resistance, chemical resistance and harmlessness for foodstuffs.

Codex – News from subfloor preparation to the joint
Codex offers high-quality product systems for the installation of tiles and natural stone to the professional tile fitter. In addition, the brand supports the traditional trade by offering a comprehensive service and marketing package in the Network of the Best tile fitters. At the BAU 2015, codex presents new and optimised products for the professional subfloor preparation, installation and jointing of tiles and natural stone. The self-levelling commercial levelling compound codex FM 30 for thicknesses from 3 to 30 mm is one of the product novelties. Amongst others, it is suitable for the optimal embedding of low-thickness hot water underfloor heating systems. The levelling compound has excellent flow and pump-ing properties, cures quickly and can be walked on already after three hours. Readiness for covering is achieved already after one day at a thickness up to 20 mm. Codex FM 30 is also very low-emission and has been distinguished with EMICODE EC 1 R PLUS.

In addition, the new ready-to-use dispersion joint Codex X-Care will be on display. The cured Codex X-Care joints have a closed smooth surface preventing even the smallest dirt particles from entering the material. Stubborn stains such as grease, ketchup or red wine can be effort-less removed again using a sponge and neutral household cleaner. Codex X-Care can be processed by spraying or using the elutriation method and used for the jointing of different ceramic floor coverings such as glass tiles, domestic ceramics, glazed vitrified tile, dust-pressed vitrified tile and polished natural stones insensitive to discolouration. The special joint compound features great pliability allowing tensions between the substrate and floor covering to be compensated. Even largeformat tiles and slabs as well as deforming substrates, e.g. underfloor heating and wooden structures, are no problem as a result.

RZ cleans, protects and maintains
The offering of Uzin Utz AG is optimally completed by the professional cleaning and care systems from RZ significantly contributing to the maintenance of all types of floor covering. Two new products from the RZ wood series will be at the centre of attention at the BAU trade fair: the RZ neutral cleaner for neutral routine maintenance and the RZ wood flooring refresher for added care of all oiled and waxed wood flooring, wooden floors and cork floors. The RZ wood flooring refresher is a slipresistant care emulsion with moisturising effect and is suitable for regular application. Both products in the system provide sustainable care protection thus extending the intervals for repeated basic cleaning and reoiling of the wooden surfaces. In addition, the RZ PUR cleaner sup-plements the product line. The highly effective special cleaner cleans all resilient floor coverings, finished at the factory with PU/PUR or varnished subsequently with Turbo Protect Plus, and linoleum free from streaks. It is slipresistant, scuff-resistant and ph-neutral.


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